Gate of Unity – Support
Please go to under the home button on the menu, click on the button ‘Free Member Login or Registration’

If you are registered already, it will show your membership level if you are logged in.

if you are not logged in, and have previously registered, then login, otherwise register as a free member.

When I see that registration, I will upgrade you manually to the Paid Membership Level that you will need to see the class information on the class page.

We have consolidated all of our content into one place so you can better keep up on what is available and what is coming down the pike. The calendar feature is very helpful for you to keep up with the new classes and programs.

We have laid out the content into a small number of categories that make it easy for you to navigate the site.

On the main page, the categories show up in the main menu bar at the top and also below that with brief descriptions next to pictures. I will explain the layout for you from both perspectives.

  • Home. All the tools you need to help you while on the website are listed under this button
    • Contact Us. The best way to send us a message. Enter your information into the form and submit. We have to use the Captcha verification to not be spammed. We apologize for the extra steps.
    • Support. The page is where we publish the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), including this one :). If we see the same or similar question from our listeners, we will publish the answer here.
    • Free Member Login or Registration. This page is where you can log in or register as a new member. If you are on a page with member protected content, you will be linked to this page so you can login if you are a member or register if you are not a member.
    • What is Kabbalah. Background information on Authentic Kabbalah.
    • About Shifra. Shifra’s background information about Shifra.
    • About the Gate of Unity. What is Gate of Unity and why are we here.
    • Show Shopping Cart. If you started to purchase a product and get interrupted, you can come here to finish checking out or clear the shopping cart.
  • Kabbalah
  • Divine Matrix
  • Soul-Based Healing
  • Programs
  • Blogs
You can use the Contact Us page under the Home button on the main menu. This is the best method.

Or if you have to send us an attachment or reference another email, please use Email:

  • Technical Questions, email the webmaster at
  • Non-Technical Questions or Comments, email Shifra at

Please Include as much information as possible. The more information you give, the easier it is to help without multiple follow-up questions in emails.

You can tell you are a member of Gate of Unity if:

  • you previously created a username and password while at Gate of Unity
  • you received an email welcoming you as a member of Gate of Unity

If you are logged in, you will see a black bar on the top of the browser window and your name will be at the right endge of the black bar.

If you are registered and know your username and password, you can go to the Login / Registration Page which shows under the Home button on the menu. If you forgot your password, you can reset it on the same page.

If you believe you are registered but do not know your username, please use the contact us link and let me know and i will help you out.

If you go to your paid content page and you scroll down and do not see any call information or content and it says [content is available to xxxxxxxxxxxx members only] then you are not logged in.

go here:
Free Member Login or Registration

and login. Do not register.

Then go back to the content page and check for the information.

We have launched our new site based on everything we learned at the old site.

We exported all members and imported them to the new site.

We hope you enjoy the new site and take advantage of all we are offering, much of it for free.

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