Divine Matrix* Holographic Soul Prayer/Healing

*Matrix: An environment, space or structure within or from which things originate, develop, or take form.

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Kabbalah teaches that vibrant health comes from a powerful connection between body and soul. The stronger the connection, the more potent the healing will be.

The Divine Matrix is designed to help you make that connection, in ways that you may never have experienced before.

I have been facilitating these sessions for my private students for several years now. They have always been powerful, and many people have reported unexpected – sometimes miraculous — shifts in their consciousness, emotions and other areas of life. Lately, however, the Matrix sessions have taken on a whole new energy and form. It seems to many of us that when we are connecting to the Divine Matrix, we are connecting to a new dimension of consciousness, presence and potential that is deeper and higher than us and our world.

But the Matrix is accessible. A living Divine space that interacts with us.
And more we connect, the more miraculous and empowering it seems to be.

How this will show up in your life is impossible to say. However, this much I CAN predict.

The monthly Matrix sessions will help you to connect directly to SOURCE in ways you have probably never experienced before…open a new portal to the Light and the hidden co-creative powers of your soul…and bring healing light, energy and Divine information from ABOVE and BEYOND creation into your body, life and world.

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“I just discovered your Matrix meditations recently and must say that, among all of the meditations I have done over many years, yours are the deepest, the moving loving, the most peaceful, and the most brilliant ones I have ever heard. Your ability to open safety and trust are profound, and I am truly amazed at your insight, patience, and genuine, deep love and caring for others. I am now making it a habit to listen to your Matrix audios nightly before going to sleep and just started to “lull” myself off into the deepest sleep I have had in years! This is particularly valuable for me because I haven’t slept more than 1-2 hours a night for the past five years! In addition, I feel more centered, more confidant, and more loved that I have felt in years as well.”

“I have never experienced the reality of the Divine Presence like I experienced last night on your Matrix healing call.”

“Thank you for today’s Matrix. The sparkling golden light of JOY that heals everything is coursing through my veins!”

“I am listening to the gate of unity matrix session for the third time in the last couple of hours. Powerful.”

The Divine Matrix sessions lift me up and out of the past negative unconscious feelings and beliefs, into a space of excitement and joy.

To me it feels as though the Matrix is a bubble of the real reality, the geula reality. A portal to the reality we yearn for so deeply. And it feels to me that the more time I spend there, the more I can easily step into that flow and dimension.

The Matrix sessions bring me to a place where nothing is solid and everything can shift. More and more, I feel myself expanding outside the “snowglobe” with deeper and deeper trust. The more I trust, the more I experience the miraculous. These words feel flat–they don’t do it justice, but it’s all I’ve got right now. Eternal gratitude.

The Matrix has helped me connect and be one with G-d.

The sessions loosen my way of being at a physical level- Help cut through the density of form. The matrix is a miraculous tool; especially done in a collective.

The Matrix helps me get centered and focused on the True Connection. The more I listen, the smoother the flow of Divine Wow!

Matrix calls changed my perspective on everything that happens around me and in me. And since my perspective changed, my whole life changed.

The most important for me was a change that happened in my marriage & family. When I joined your calls I was truly unhappy, scared, not knowing what to do, lonely, lost, pretending all was ok for my kids. My marriage husband is now is based on trust, love, partnership. Our children thrive – and our financial situation has also significantly improved.

The Matrix creates a beautiful, peaceful healing space to connect with Hashem. I have experienced powerful and lasting changes from these sessions on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

The Matrix brings me out of the time and space of that battle and that pain–out of where it is real and into the larger reality of Ayn Od Milvado (There’s nothing here but the One.) Then, some kind of magic occurs. At that point, you can’t do words.

I experience a deep, deep connection with God. A stillness from the crazy chatter in my mind that can last for many hours A peacefulness that is beyond anything on this earth as we live in it today. The ability to hit a ‘reset’ button when I am in a downward spiral. A feeling of safety and security. An opening of my mind to a ‘world’ of endless possibilities.
Sometimes I see colors and hear music. When I listen at night I wake up rested, energized and centered for the day.

Being connected to the Matrix is like the difference between moving through reality as if the Divine truth and blessings are concealed versus really feeling that the reality is much more revealed then concealed. May we only expand our vessels and our vision to what’s really happening around us.

I just completed the Matrix healing and am overwhelmed by its beauty and sanctity, the healing I felt, the sense of comfort and re-assurance. I listened to it in three segments and that didn’t seem to matter at all. The last two times I finished feeling so peaceful and content.