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These Matrix sessions will connect you directly to the higher morphic field of Divine Consciousness, Oneness, Miracles and Light. Because they draw directly from the Divine Matrix, from Source, they have an extraordinary potential to help you connect, heal, expand and transform. These MATRIX sessions have been catalyzing major shifts and even literal miracles for my private students for months now… And NOW, for the very first time, I’m making them available to YOU. If you participate in these sessions with sincere intention and open-hearted, allowing prayer, whether live or by energy-embedded replay, I can virtually guarantee you that they will catalyze some truly awesome changes for you too.

Each session of the Divine Matrix holographic soul healing will expand your light and awareness miraculously, day by day. These extraordinary sessions will give you powerful energetic and spiritual support on your awakening journey so that you can receive and integrate the new light in a smooth, healthy, joyful and balanced way.

Every time you participate in a Matrix session you will connect MORE deeply with true Divine Consciousness, Light and Miracles.