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Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Author and Spiritual Mentor

With Shifra Hendrie

Passover commemorates the miraculous freedom of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery, over 3000 years ago.

It also contains uniquely powerful energies for personal and cosmic transformation

But Passover didn’t happen just once. Each year, the immense cosmic light and power of Passover pours into the world again, bringing with it a whole new power to awaken and transcend. Passover – celebrated by Jews the world over – also contains an enormously powerful universal and inner message for all of humanity that can help you free yourself from the slavery of your past-based fears, inhibitions and constraints, and awaken to a reality that is expanded, transcendent and new!

Join me, together with the world-renowned
Rabbi Simon Jacobson,
for this Unique Journey into Freedom and Awakening…

2-e1339473247401   this 90-minute Global Webcast