“God looked into the Torah (the Divine blueprint) and created the world.” (The Zohar)

At the heart of the universe is an infinite Divine Consciousness that is both the Source and the essence of every particle of Creation. This Consciousness creates continuously in accordance with its own vision and desire. The Divine blueprint is the cosmic ladder created by Divine Consciousness that reaches from the very Source point of the universe to the darkest corners of our hearts and worlds. The blueprint is here for one reason — to give you access to your own unique, essential purpose and the Divine power to make it real.

Used correctly, the blueprint will help us to connect Heaven and Earth, to unite Creation’s purpose with its fulfillment, and to integrate and align with our own true nature as physical beings created in the image of G-d.

On the surface our world appears fragmented, as incoherent as a million puzzle pieces scattered randomly across a room. But within this chaos there is an underlying unity and order, an all-encompassing purpose that, when illuminated, has the power to forever transform our lives and our world for good.

The mission of the Gate of Unity is to open up a Gateway into the Divine healing truths of the Blueprint and the miraculous potential of The Coming Era of Unity for people of all backgrounds worldwide. Our intention and prayer is that together we will integrate this deepest light into our minds and hearts, bringing down new levels of healing illumination to our lives and our world.

You are invited to enter and experience the light and magic for yourself.