Authentic Kabbalah

Global Holographic Soul Prayer/Healing Events

ma•trix: A situation, substance, situation, or environment in which something has its origin, takes form, or is contained.

Led by Shifra and special guest mentors, these uniquely powerful Global Prayer/Healing Sessions are designed to connect you to the miraculous power and wisdom of the Morphic Field of The Coming Era of Awakening.

Receive new healing light, consciousness and miracles from the Source as you unite with thousands of awakening beings from around the globe on behalf of a transformed, illuminated world!

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Divine Matrix and the Era of Awakening


Finding Divine Power in Turbulent Times
A Divine Matrix Event

This Holographic Soul Prayer/Healing Event contains powerful, transformational energies, wisdom and vibration. Feel free to listen as many times as you choose… I’d love to hear about your experience, including any miraculous changes or healings that come your way!

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