Divine Matrix Holographic Soul Prayer / Healing Sessions

These Powerful Prayer/Healing Sessions Will Connect You Directly to SOURCE…
And Help You Activate Your Miraculous Co-Creative Powers!


If You Could Experience the Intimate Loving, Healing Presence of the Creator HERE AND NOW, in Every Moment of Your Day


What Life Would Feel Like if You Knew, FOR SURE, that NOTHING IS EVER WRONG


If You Could Actually Live Each Day With Connection, Purpose, Passion and Miraculous Co-Creative Power


“I just discovered your Matrix meditations recently and must say that, among all of the meditations I have done over many years, yours are the deepest, the moving loving, the most peaceful, and the most brilliant ones I have ever heard. Your ability to open safety and trust are profound, and I am truly amazed at your insight, patience, and genuine, deep love and caring for others. I am now making it a habit to listen to your Matrix audios nightly before going to sleep and just started to “lull” myself off into the deepest sleep I have had in years! This is particularly valuable for me because I haven’t slept more than 1-2 hours a night for the past five years! In addition, I feel more centered, more confidant, and more loved that I have felt in years as well.”


The Divine Matrix Holographic Soul Prayer/Healing Sessions are unique. They are designed to lift you up to a whole new plane of BEING, to expand your consciousness and connection, and to support you, spiritually and energetically, in living your life illuminated by the light, purpose and authentic power of your soul.

Each and every one of these sessions draws upon the light, wisdom and power of the Divine Blueprint for Creation. And because they draw upon the Blueprint, they have the power to connect you directly to the highest morphic Field there is. This Field, which Kabbalah calls sovev kol almin, is the Field of authentic Divine Consciousness and Oneness…SOURCE. And that connection will only get deeper, stronger and more real as you go.

These Matrix sessions have already been catalyzing major shifts in consciousness, peace and power — and even literal miracles – for many… and NOW, for the very first time, I’m making them available for YOU.

If you participate in these sessions with sincere intention and open-hearted, allowing prayer, whether live or by energy-embedded replay, I can virtually guarantee you that they will catalyze some truly awesome changes for you too.

Each session of the Divine Matrix Holographic Soul Prayer/Healing will expand your light and awareness miraculously, day by day. These extraordinary sessions will give you powerful energetic and spiritual support on your awakening journey so that you can receive and integrate the new light in a smooth, healthy, joyful and balanced way.

Every time you participate in a Matrix session you will connect MORE deeply with true Divine Consciousness, Light and Miracles.

“I have never experienced the reality of the Divine Presence like I experienced last night on your Matrix healing call.”

“Thank you for today’s Matrix. The sparkling golden light of JOY that heals everything is coursing through my veins!”

“I am listening to the gate of unity matrix session for the third time in the last couple of hours. Powerful.”

Matrix Sampler from the Introduction

The Matrix Holographic Soul Prayer / Healing Includes:

purpleright Downloadable Audio (MP3) for the One-Hour Introduction to the Matrix Holographic Soul Prayer / Healing
purpleright Downloadable Audios (MP3) for each of the 28 Matrix Holographic Soul Prayer / Healing Sessions

(preproduction audios available immediately, post-production audios available as produced)


Matrix Holographic Soul Prayer / Healing




Here’s Just a Taste of What People are Experiencing Through Shifra’s Work:

"Finding Shifra and her teachings on the ways of ancient wisdom has been one of the greatest gifts of my life, bar none. Each time I hear her share, each time I re-listen to a class, I feel my heart open a little wider as my mind delights in a higher truth and my soul expands into deeper freedom. I find myself starving for the wisdom she shares with such open-hearted grace that oftentimes I weep at the wonder of its Truth. From deep within my heart and soul, thank you Shifra for the courage you share as you dare to be all that you are. As I watch you stand in your truth, I know that I am being given the opportunity to do the same. Deepest blessings to you and your precious family." — Lisa Marteeny

"I have had a major breakthrough doing this beautiful work and I feel the effects day-by-day as it ripples out through the different levels… My soul-purpose is now clearly defined. Thank you Shifra" — Julia H.

"It is a privilege to learn from Shifra. My soul has been seeking the knowledge she teaches for a long time. Sometimes life presents challenges that move me into a dark, low vibration. Shifra’s program is enabling me to shift to a lighter, higher vibration far faster…An additional bonus is the wonderful community of like-minded people. Looking forward to continued shifting and personal growth." — Raisy G.

"This has been amazing Shifra. I am so so glad that I have been able to participate. It has had such an awesome effect on me and my life. You are the opening portal to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS – a divine treasure indeed and I feel so much deeper now in all aspects of my world. THANK YOU" -Rosemary G.

"Dearest Shifra, I am deeply grateful for this extraordinary experience you have given us through the Awakening Divine Power course. Normally the courses I take end just where I would like them to start. Not in this case!! You pushed us beyond our limitations and we kept going deeper and deeper. I no longer fear the unknown as it is now for me pure potential and a source of boundless opportunities. You gave us practical tools that have empowered us for the rest of our journey. I found in the Gate of Unity Facebook Group not only a community of like-minded people, but an open, supportive spiritual family uniting diverse backgrounds. I am truly grateful for the profound friendships we’ve created together. Shifra you are a true beacon! May, in turn, each one of us light up the lives of those around us just like you did for us! Together we will touch millions!" –Genevieve B.

"Shifra you feel like a portal into experiencing what you are saying, not just a learning from it…There are no words for this and yet your words help me get to something so much beyond words. I have entered a portal into a space beyond it and yet here. It is soft and the English language cannot quite express this place I am in. Wow, like visiting a planet I went to as a child and could never quite bring back here on return. You are a portal, and a return Shifra. Thank you so so so much. Love to you and whatever this is." –Tara L.

"Your words are powerful and awakening. Listening to you my tears (that run down my cheeks right now) have more sense than any experience earlier, they are more alive than my life itself…Blessings!" Tatjana V.

"What beauty! I have gooseflesh all over! I feel such expansion!" Holly P.

"This has created a very deep catalyst for transformation within me…I feel myself finally integrating so many aspects within myself after many years without resolution. I cried through while listening and feeling and expanding as I started to feel parts of myself I felt I had lost or had no hope for…" Tara L

"Something has changed inside of me. I felt the light being poured in my being and it flowed from the top of my head to the very tip of my feet filling me with what my whole being needs to face every challenge life brings to me and enough also to share with those I love and care about …neighbors and friends and fellow countrymen and everyone on earth." Mario H.

"I feel I need to hear this over and over again. AWESOME! Thank you, Shifra, for all that you do to bring us the light, the life, and the great healing we all seek." Kathy B.

"Yesterday’s journey was so deep and profound that I am left without adequate words to express my feelings…it was necessary for me to “sit with all that had taken place” for hours, not minutes. I cried through the entire process and for several hours after. They were good, necessary, healing, joyful tears. Thank you for being you, and for all that you are doing, and for making possible the extraordinary time together yesterday. It is the beginning of something too profound for words." MaryJane M.

"I saw the beauty and I felt the light…" Christine C.

"Your class was Sublime… it touched every atom of my being."

"Thank you so much for sharing this with us – just finished the replay – so amazing and empowering …The transformations that are happening within and throughout me are incredible…"

"Dear Shifra, Thank You for the chance to be with You and listen to Your Wisdom. I love You!" Janina

"Beautiful and meaningful session. I am now going to sleep with a lot of light and love in my heart." Malka E.

"This is the most powerful, profound, and wonderful webinar that I have ever enjoyed!!!" Cynthia S.

"Over the whole of my holiday season I did not receive one gift which touched me more deeply and meant more to me than your Authentic Kabbalah downloads. I cannot end with this and must continue this study with you."

"Absolutely transformative." Alissa J.

"May you continue to bless us all through alignment with the Divine Heart." Haya W.

"WOW! I did not stop taking notes since you started…I felt like a thirsty flower given the most thirst quenching and nourishing water there is….You are a gift to all of us that are ready to go deep and help transform our unsupporting beliefs and patterns…"

"This call resonated at a level deep within my soul." Ruth G.

"Thank you for bringing me the Divine connection!" Judy N.

"This was amazing …. I learned so much…Much Love Shifra, you are doing an outstanding job of bringing the light…" Linda J.

"I just want to thank you from deep within…my whole spirit has been filled with this beautiful call, you are a Blessing for this world, your way of communicating and sharing makes us tune into this field of Quantum love and consciousness… I am more awake" Sophie M.

"Shifra, you are a song, prayers and words flow from you like prophetic pearls of wisdom…Your words flow from a non-ending stream in harmonious rhyme from a sacred holy place." Tali K.

"Thank you for a powerful, radiant experience!" DJ E.

"Thank you Shifra, I was in a state of deep silence, and almost drinking every word and sentiment. Beautiful beyond beautiful." Clea H.

"Thank you for all the connections and doors you have opened up for me.” Susan Z.

"I loved your call… it helped me to move out of a deep hopeless place I had been in for the past 2 months. I feel a new sense of being!" Donna R.

"I have learned over the years that when Shifra speaks I’d be blessed to listen! Thank you very much for this soul stirring, timely event…Extremely gratefully yours!" Wanda T.