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Welcome to the Gate of Unity and the Awakening Divine Power Program!!

Congratulations! In joining this program, you have already begun to connect to the Blueprint for Creation, the field of Divine Consciousness and Miracles… AND you are officially a part of our Sacred Community of illuminated spiritual seekers from around the globe.

Keep in mind that Authentic Kabbalah is literally infinite Divine Wisdom and Light. As you engage with the material and the Field, you may have new insights, new questions and new experiences as you go. It’s all good… all part of Awakening as the old and stagnant clears and the new and vibrantly alive is born. Think about the process of a baby chick breaking out of its confining shell, or a baby being born… it’s a process, and it is Divine!! But it may not be exactly like anything you have experienced before.

Please make sure to go at your own pace, and to bring your questions, feedback, and anything else you would like to share to our community and also to the live Q&A calls.

We’re here for you…

With love and warm blessings,

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