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• In these profoundly transformational FREE teleseminar intensives, you will learn how to say goodbye to the old, painful and unworkable ... and connect to a brand new Field of authentic healing, light and deep wisdom that will open your mind, shift your life, and catapult you toward your destiny...

Join me, together with this world-class lineup of healers, teachers and spiritual mentors, as we explore together the life-changing wisdom, empowering breakthrough discoveries and astonishing healing secrets and techniques that are available to each and every one of us in these extraordinary times.

• The Gate of Unity Matrix: Monthly free, Holographic Soul Healing with the support of myself, my powerful healing team, and occasional special guests, drawing on the extremely powerful morphic field of The Coming Era. We’ve been beta testing this behind the scenes, and the results are nothing short of astonishing … so stay tuned… we’re starting soon!!

• The Gate of Unity Classes and Programs: We will be starting off with my own twice-monthly authentic Kabbalah class, and be adding more soon. These classes combine ancient mystical wisdom with cutting edge, life-changing tools and will support your alignment and shift, all by themselves!

• The Gate of Unity Members Community Forum, where you can connect with other members of this global spiritual community, share information, ask for support, discuss the healing and spiritual topics and interest you most, and get together for projects and other life-enhancing activities.

• Gate of Unity Store, where you can get discounts on special selected products and services and find out exactly what I use in my own life to help keep me in the Miracle Zone!

• Gate of Unity Gallery: Unique and stunningly beautiful spiritual art, jewelry and clothing. Coming Soon