I want to talk to you for a moment, from my heart…

Like many, I wake up every morning not knowing what crazy new things might have happened while I was asleep.

The new energies flooding our planet are bringing in amazing new possibilities. But at the same time, like a cosmic tornado, they are creating huge cracks in the way we experience our world.

Life is simply not predictable anymore.

If you are a sensitive person you may even be feeling all of this in your body. I know I do.

It goes without saying that this entire experience can provoke deep confusion and concern… even, at times, a sense of powerlessness or fear…

But I want you to know…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You see, beneath the surface of the chaos something Divine is emerging. A new dimension of reality, rooted in the original light and intention of Creation that was hidden away long ago, and destined to reemerge only once humanity is ready and mature.

We are living through the final stages of a cosmic awakening… the actual birth of a new, illuminated world. And the fact that you are alive on planet earth today is proof that you have a cosmic role to play.

This birth process is not comfortable… definitely not always easy… especially when such vast forces are in play.

But take heart, because you are not alone… and we are very close to the end.

Actually, the chaos and change of today is not only a sign of the world shifting around you. It is designed from Above as a catalyst… to help you shift into deeper alignment with your soul’s purpose, the reason why you’re here at this time.

In fact, the purpose of all challenges and obstacles is to reveal the hidden miraculous powers of your soul.

As humans in physical bodies, it’s natural for us to resist change. So when change is needed, experiences will be sent your way that are custom-designed to push you out of your comfort zone… into something expanded and new, something that will reveal new hidden treasures from your soul.

At first these things may disturb, confuse or overwhelm you. But the inner purpose of these disruptions is always to help you open and expand… and in amazing and potentially miraculous ways.

Take it from me – this is not simply a comforting thought; it is a powerful spiritual reality.

It’s true that not everyone is willing to do what it takes to look beneath the surface to find that vast treasure hidden beneath. But if you are one of those who is, or if you would like to be, it’s you I’m talking to right now.

And here’s the first thing you need to know:

We are living today in times foreseen by sages and prophets… when many things will change in deeply unfamiliar ways. In the language of Authentic Kabbalah, we are living through the process called Geula, a rebirthing into freedom and awakening, when all limits will open, the Divine Source of creation will be fully revealed and spiritual and physical will truly merge.

Think for a minute about what that means. This is a massive shift of being — far greater than a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, or a baby emerging from the womb.

And here’s an amazing Kabbalah secret: Geula is a word made of five Hebrew letters. Four of them spell out the word meaning exile, or separation from Source. The fifth letter is aleph, which literally means One. When you connect to the true Divine purpose and potential of any lost or disempowered aspect of your life or self, you restore the lost aleph. And once the aleph is restored, everything starts to transform.

Without the aleph, you feel lost and your challenges seem overwhelming. But once the aleph is revealed, all of that literally begins to change.

In geula, your soul, in all its depth, passion and co-creative power, will be fully revealed. You will experience the world as your soul does… as a place of Divine presence, love, abundance, peace and joy. When the geula is complete you will be simultaneously fully and totally YOU… and at the same time fully ONE with the Creator, your Source. And because consciousness creates, your world will change too.

Which leads me to one of the most important – and empowering – truths I want to share with you today…

The light of Geula is already flooding our world. And as soon as you start revealing the aleph within the challenges and chaos, you will start making geula real in your life.

Authentic Kabbalah explains that everything, even something as insignificant as the falling of a leaf from a tree, is by direct Divine Providence. The fact that you are reading these words right now means that you are being invited to step up as a co-creative partner in bringing the world to geula, here and now.

And here’s the best part: As a partner in Creation, you will also be connected to a powerful flow of assistance from above.


And that brings me to another important key to thriving through these times…

Ultimately, we are all moving toward geula. But in this transition phase, we will not all experience things the same way.

For some these times may be frightening… for others, exciting, literally miraculous…

Some will feel lost and confused… while others will watch these cosmic events with amazement, anticipation and a deep, peace-filled understanding …as our world transforms before their very eyes…

And some will feel like victims of forces beyond their control… while others live each day as empowered partners with the Creator in ushering in a new Divine world.

The question is: What will the journey be like for you?

Your smooth, even miraculous transition into geula depends on three things:

  • How clearly you can see the path ahead
  • The power of the life-changing, healing tools you have access to
  • The quality of the support you have along the way.

These three things, plus the power of the field, or dimension of reality these draw from… will make all the difference in the world.

The Light out of Darkness Program will give you all of this and so much more…

I have put the best of everything that I know into this program… decades of transformational learning and healing, powerful intention, profoundly healing Geula Matrix prayer, life-changing secrets from the Blueprint for Creation, and some of the most profoundly effective, cutting edge tools for miraculous transformation and healing around today…

In addition, as a member of the program you will be a cherished part of a community of open-hearted, loving, expansive people from around the world who are truly “in it together” with you. Some of the members of this group have already supported one another into miraculous healings, prosperity and more…

And most important of all, throughout the Light out of Darkness program we will be drawing in new light and potential from the emerging dimension of geula… the field of Divine consciousness, Divine love and miracles… and as the light of geula continues to flood the world, what is possible for you – and all of us – will continue to expand.

Last but not least… as you learn to connect to the light of geula and your own Divine purpose… you will be living as an actual partner with the Creator in a manifesting a new Divine world.

Again… This program is not for everyone.

But if you are longing for a deeper, more empowering truth…

If you are willing to go beyond the old to explore the miraculously new…

If you want to start connecting with the purpose, light and power of your soul… and to live as a co-creative partner in bringing into a reality a new world, here and now…

The Light out of Darkness Program is custom-created for you!


As I said, the emerging Geula is bringing miraculous new potential into our world… but it’s up to each of us now to receive that potential and start manifesting in our lives.

That means being willing to explore new ideas and new possibilities… to be open to a new, loving and intimate connection with Source… to move beyond the limits of your old stuck perceptions and beliefs… and to practice the powerful tools that will help you to integrate this new light into your life.

Not everyone is willing to do those things. But if you are ready to start living your purpose… to connect to a deeper , more miraculous field of reality and to become a valued member of a global community of amazing, sensitive, spiritual people who will love and support you as we partner in making geula real in our lives and world, here and now…

Then this powerful community and unique transformational experience is open and available for you!

And here’s one more thing I want to share with you.

We are all stretched and challenged in a variety of ways. That goes with the territory. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting… but it does matter where you want to go. Together we will be creating something bigger than any of us… and your decision to actually receive and apply what we explore together will affect all of us as well.

“God looked into the Torah (the Divine blueprint) and created the world.” The Zohar


The Light Out of Darkness Program is based on the ancient Divine wisdom of Torah and Authentic Kabbalah, often known as the Blueprint for Creation.

The Shift into Geula, in all of its myriad depth and detail, was predicted in the ancient Blueprint thousands of years ago…together with the most powerful pathways through…


What it would feel like when you wake up to the news each day, not with anxiety or confusion, but with a sense of anticipation, excitement and power… knowing that it is all an integral part of the unfolding geula… and that you are a co-creative partner in this Divine unfolding, here and now.


Of being fueled by your soul’s PURPOSE and your unique mission… intimately connected to Source… lovingly supported by a powerful, conscious global community and tangibly connected a field of miraculous Divine power that will help you transform your life and world!


That comes from deeply understanding the cosmic “inside story” of our times and living as a co-creative partner in the Divine plan for a peaceful, miraculous and awakened world.


Of waking up every day knowing that anything and everything is possible… because you are connected to Source and the Geula Matrix… the infinite morphic field of miracles, Divine Oneness and an awakened perfected world!!

If you can imagine these things, or simply wish you could… I invite you to join me for a life-changing, awakening, profoundly healing journey… and experience this uniquely powerful co-creative light and wisdom for yourself!


Light Out of Darkness: Purpose and Miracles in Chaotic Times

Will take you deeper and farther than you have ever gone before.

It will connect you with the powerful Divine light, truths and wisdom of Authentic Kabbalah and the emerging new light of geula… It will give you deep access to some of the most cutting spiritual and energetic principles for healing and transformation available today.

The fact is, you are here with a unique purpose, and your purpose is an integral piece of the Divine puzzle, essential for us all.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are already here as a partner in creation, to facilitate the perfection and transformation of our world…

And as a partner with the Creator, you are gifted with enormous, literally miraculous co-creative powers.

Kabbalah explains that as you embrace your Divine purpose your concealed miraculous powers come out of hiding to assist you… and here’s the amazing thing: Once they are revealed, they are yours for good.

And even more… as you live with purpose and connect with a deeper Divine truth… vast forces will flow down to illuminate and empower you from Above!


Will Help You Experience Divine Power, Purpose and Miracles… Even in These Chaotic, Crazy Times!

In this program, you’ll gain the wisdom and tools to take your place as a true Partner in Creation, live with expanded awareness, profound purpose and grounded peace of mind… while mastering some of the most powerful spiritual success principles of life on earth… straight from the Blueprint for Creation!!

Even more important, just being a part of the Light out of Darkness community automatically connects you to the Geula Matrix, the morphic field of Divine consciousness, purpose and MIRACLES.


Will Give you access to some of the most ancient, powerful and life-changing secrets of the Universe… straight from the light and wisdom of Authentic Kabbalah.

Because this information (together with actual co-creative energy!) comes from the Blueprint, the very Source of Creation, it will help you move quickly and easily from the experience of polarity, separation and struggle into a world of soul-based purpose, flow, enhanced wellness and authentic co-creative Divine power.


Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll gain in the program:

  • A true “insider’s perspective” on the personal and global challenges of our times that will help you relax and surf the waves of change with passion, joy and ease.
  • A tangible, life-changing connection to the Divine Geula Matrix that will bring new light, potential and co-creative miracles into your life.
  • A profound understanding of your own unique purpose, and how to actually live it, each and every day.
  • The secret keys to transforming the self-judgment, regrets and stagnant old beliefs that have been blocking your soul’s power, passion and joy.
  • The ability to create and activate your unique Geula Vision and manifest it in your life — regardless of distractions, frustrations and obstacles along the way!
  • The ancient mystical Divine keys to thriving through these chaotic, transformational times.
  • Cutting edge tools and techniques to help you access whole new depths of Divine connection and Divine power.
  • Transformational light and wisdom from the Blueprint for Creation that will expand your inner awareness, peace of mind, wellness and success, all by itself.
  • Some of the most powerful keys to soul-based healing available today!
  • The peace, satisfaction and incredible fulfillment of knowing that as you transform yourself, you are transforming your world.

And here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to step into your true nature and purpose as a co-creative partner with the Divine starting HERE and NOW!
  • The most important keys to empowered manifestation.
  • The core principles of powerful Soul-Based Healing & Conscious Prayer, and how you can use them to co-create more physical, emotional, financial and spiritual wellness for yourself and those you love!!
  • How to eliminate toxic judgment of yourself and others and leave victimhood behind forever.
  • How to continuously expand your intuition, authenticity, creativity and self-love.
  • The miraculous “Bubble” technique that will help you transform uncomfortable or stuck relationships with ease.
  • The secret power of your body, and how to align Body, Mind and Soul for a purpose-filled, joyful, illuminated life.
  • The unique “Turning Walls into Doorways” formula TM, that has helped thousands around the globe learn to exactly how to transform their challenges to opportunities… power… and miracles!!
  • How to transcend the negativity, judgments and fears of your ego and start living from the light, passion and purpose of your soul!
  • How to bring dormant or rejected parts of yourself into harmony, making your everyday life feel increasingly radiant and empowered.
  • And so much more…



Each of these modules is designed to help expand and empower you on a number of levels, so that your awakening and transformation are as profound, immediate and lasting as they can possibly be.

Each will include life-changing authentic Kabbalah information, direct spiritual experience, custom-created Divine Matrix prayer/healing and powerful practical tools for transformation that you can start using right away.

We will also have plenty of time for your questions at the end of each session, plus each week you’ll have a special “fairy dust” exercise to help you begin rewiring your mind, heart and life for geula, for real.


Because we will be co-creating this program live, some of what I expect to cover may change a bit as we go. Generally, each session will be approximately 3 hours in length, although this may vary as needed. I am absolutely committed to providing the most powerful possible platform for your transformation, so how much time is required will depend upon you.

All of the calls will be recorded, and all of the energy and connections will be embedded in the recordings, so don’t worry if you don’t have the time to stay on live.

Each session will include training, practice, live prayer/healing, meditations and powerful practical tools, followed by live Q&A. I will also be giving you special templates to help you practice and internalize what you have learned between classes and give you the priceless live practice that will allow you to explore and integrate what you’ve learned in your actual everyday life.


Module One is where everything starts. By the time you leave this first session your paradigm shift will be well underway.

We will be uncovering some of the core, foundational secrets of the Blueprint for Creation, including several of the most mind-blowing prophecies of our times. You’ll be discovering answers to some of the most profound questions that we humans have… such as, what is the purpose for creation, why is life so challenging, how do I connect with Source, what’s really going on in our crazy times, and many more. It’s all there in the Blueprint, so get ready to be amazed.

And most important of all, we’ll be activating our connection to the Divine Matrix and the morphic field of Geula… where miracles are abundant and where the old rules really don’t apply anymore.


In Module Two we’ll be taking a deep dive into some of the most empowering and transformational secrets of human potential and awakening in these unprecedented times. By the time this session is over you will understand exactly what Divine Awakening is all about, why it is happening now, and what it means to experience it in your real, everyday life. You will know how to stop struggling and start surfing the waves of transformation as they roll in… how to move quickly and easily from the field of judgment and negativity into the field of healing self-love… and how to begin breaking free of the millennia-old “human condition” of victimhood, struggle and separation, into a brand new, higher field of soul-based co-creativity and empowered flow.

This class will introduce you to the transformational Kabbalah secrets of the Tree of Life. I will also be teaching you the miraculous Bubble Exercise, which has the power to turn around difficult, entangled relationships with ease. Because this class (and the entire program) is sourced in the Divine Blueprint for Creation, as your mind absorbs this new information, your heart, energy field and soul will be simultaneously connecting to the higher dimension of reality, from which it comes.

Light Out of Darkness: From Chaos to Miracles

Module Three will open up some amazing new doorways into the here and now reality of miracles and co-creation, as well as a profoundly new, life-changing understanding of the inner Divine structure of the universe and your own soul. We will also be exploring (and energetically connecting to) a brand new level of Divine consciousness that will tangibly deepen and broaden your awareness of Source, in a way that will illuminate every aspect of your life.

In addition, in this module I will also be teaching you a unique 3-step formula to turn your challenges into opportunities for transformation and new soul-based miraculous power.

By the time this class is done you will be ready to start crafting your unique purpose-based vision, one that will be rooted in the innermost desires of your soul.


If you are here in the world at this time, it’s because you carry within you a unique piece of geula potential that is a fundamental part of your life purpose. By no coincidence, it is also essential to the completion of the Divine plan for a transformed, illuminated world.

Module Four will focus on first identifying and activating one or more fundamental aspects of your unique Divine purpose, and then turning it into a compelling grounded geula vision that will pull you into inspired action, connect you to a new flow of peace, passion and joy and supercharge your miraculous co-creative powers.


This Bonus Purpose Coaching Intensive is YOUR time to ask questions, clarify your purpose-based vision AND your path forward, and get the deeper level of support that you and your vision deserve. Come as you are, and ask for what you need!

Throughout this session we will be holding a field of support together for everyone present, so your intentions, support and soul-energy will also be a contribution to us all!


By the time this module starts you will already have begun living your purpose-based vision. This session will be all about supercharging that vision with powerful authentic Kabbalah wisdom and tools for miracles, healing and manifestation.

We’ll be exploring topics (and the energies and potentials they are connected to!) like holy wealth, connecting to the geula matrix, soul-based healing and the secrets of co-creative prayer, while sharing cutting edge transformational tools to make them real.


This final session will be all about ensuring that you have everything you need to actually start living with Divine purpose and miracles in your everyday life.

We’ll be covering some new information, but primarily focusing on creating the vessels, or channels, to hold and ground your flow of new light, potential and emerging Divine power.

One of the highlights of Module Six is the Creating Something from Nothing process. Because life – and the shift into geula and awakening – keeps on moving, it is essential to have (and practice!) the kind of powerful tools that will help you transform new challenges on the spot. Creating Something from Nothing will guide you step by step through doing exactly that.

This module will also include a custom-created Divine Matrix prayer healing session that will help anchor you in your soul-based vision each time you connect to it. We will also have extended training time for your questions and 1-1 coaching to ensure that you leave the Light out of Darkness program clear, inspired and empowered.


Light Out of Darkness: Purpose and Miracles in Chaotic Times

purpleright Over 20 Hours of Live, interactive classes, including life-changing Authentic Kabbalah wisdom, personal mentoring from Shifra, and some of the most powerful spiritual Success Principles from the Blueprint for Creation.

purpleright Custom-created Divine Matrix Geula Healing Session with each module that will raise your vibration, expand your awareness, deepen your intuition, connect you to the Infinite Field of Divine Consciousness, and catalyze healing of mind, body, soul, relationships and more.

purpleright “Done for You” templates of tools, exercises and processes designed to guide and support you step-by-step into your personal Blueprint for purpose and miracles, plus help you thrive through these turbulent times!

purpleright Membership in the Awakening Divine Power Sacred Community. This community rocks!! This is worth the price of admission all by itself – and once you are a member you will remain a part of our community for as long as you like! Membership gives you personalized access to Shifra… AND our amazing global circle of open-hearted, conscious, loving spiritual beings, via our private members-only forum where you can ask your questions, share your growth and give and receive personal support… This community has already created incredibly deep and lasting bonds, facilitated healing and miracles and more…

purpleright Behind the Scenes healing sessions and energetic support from Shifra throughout the program, designed to support your Geula Awakening and success in all areas of life.

purpleright SPECIAL FULL-LENGTH Energy-Embedded Matrix Holographic Prayer/Soul Healing Session that will focus and anchor the energy, intentions and expanding consciousness of the group. You can listen to this again and again as the energy becomes more powerful over time.

purpleright MP3 audios of all sessions, so that you can listen to them as often as you like, absorbing the light, wisdom and transformation at deeper and deeper levels as you shift and transform.

Here’s What I Want You to Know:

With over three decades as a student and teacher of authentic Kabbalah and geula, and as host of the acclaimed global teleseminars, Quantum Healing, Consciousness and Soul and The Global Awakening Summit, I have had the opportunity to connect with many of the foremost teachers, healers and spiritual mentors from around the world today. I have delved deep into their reservoirs of wisdom and knowledge and I know what works. I will never be satisfied with anything less.

The Light out of Darkness Program goes far beyond simple healing… and even beyond transformation as it is commonly understood. It is designed to actually connect you to Divine Consciousness, the wisdom, purpose and presence of the Creator… and unleash your soul’s hidden power to change your life and your world for good.

It’s true that there are many amazing programs offering healing and transformation, and many of them have helped me along the way.

But in order for the miracles to be complete… in order to activate the innermost powers of your soul… in order for your purpose to be fulfilled so that you can bring the light of awakening not only to yourself, but to your world…

It’s NOT enough to experience new flavors of light and energy, clear stuck patterns, or to learn how to manifest through consciousness or even shift your DNA. Those things can be tremendously useful… but it’s just so much bigger than that…

If you want to live your purpose and make sense of ALL aspects of your life and world…

If you want to experience authentic oneness and miraculous co-creative power that comes from beyond your ego and limited human perspective, no matter how high…

You MUST connect to Divine Consciousness—the embedded, life-and-world-transforming wisdom of the ancient Divine Blueprint that comes directly from the Creator, the Source of it all.

This level of Connection will change your life for good… It will lift you out of the smaller self of separateness and struggle… into the higher SELF that is your core, allowing you to activate and embrace your deepest soul-light and actualize the cosmic purpose for which you were brought into the world at this time.


  • Expanded awareness, consciousness, intuition and inner knowing
  • A sense of grounded peace of mind, even in challenging situations and chaotic times
  • Authentic, life-giving connection with Source… not as a nebulous figure in heaven, not as a concept, not as a cosmic vending machine ready to grant your every desire… but as a real, infinite and here and now Presence at the core of your own being and every aspect of your life.
  • A sense of confidence and empowerment that comes from understanding the spiritual “success principles” of life on earth.
  • Miraculous synchronicities, unexpected opportunities, and physical and emotional healings for yourself and others
  • An empowering, paradigm-shifting understanding of the “inside story” of our times that gives you access to the Divine purpose beneath the chaos, and enhanced power to harness the quantum waves of change.
  • The joy and passion of living your soul’s Divine purpose
  • A profound and illuminating understanding of the specific purpose of each of your challenges, plus a powerful formula to transform them into gateways to a miraculous and intensely fulfilling life.
  • Answers to some of the deepest core questions about life… answers that are found ONLY in the Divine Blueprint… that will open you to new dimensions of wisdom and consciousness and truth, for real.
  • The satisfaction, joy and excitement of finally holding the keys to a life that illuminates and inspires you, every day!!

Remember, the Blueprint is Divine Wisdom…
…And Divine Wisdom Creates.

Unlike an ordinary human blueprint, the Divine Blueprint for Creation is the real time, always-connected Source of all that exists, past, present and future. The Blueprint precedes the existence of our Universe… and has cosmic infinite power to alter the circumstances of our lives.

As you learn and LIVE this wisdom, your life will inevitably transform… and this change will impact realms, worlds and events far beyond what you can see.

The Light out of Darkness program is designed to expand your vision and soul powers like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

This program will help you to understand, embrace and LIVE your Divine purpose… teach you how to turn your challenges into instant opportunities for expansion and empowerment… open up chamber after chamber of new consciousness and new possibility… and create not only expanded consciousness within your being, but miraculous healing and transformation in your life and world.

If you believe, as I do, that now is the time for a deeper, more empowering truth, I urge you to join me for this co-creative program. I guarantee that it will open brand new doors into awakening, purpose, healing and miracles… and allow you to go deeper and higher than you’ve ever gone before!

ASK YOURSELF THIS: What would your life be like…

  • If you could let go of fixing yourself, once and for all?
  • If you could unleash your hidden miraculous powers as a Partner in Creation?
  • If you could know, with absolute certainty, that no matter what it looks like on the surface, NOTHING IS WRONG?
  • If you were tapped into your Divine purpose… and the power to live it each and every day?
  • If you could STOP regretting the past and fearing the future … And START LIVING, right now, as the person you were truly born to be?!!!

If you want these things for yourself, please join me for a truly life-changing journey into transforming Chaos into awakening, miracles, and authentic co-creative power!!

The Light out of Darkness Program begins June 20, at 12 PM Eastern time.

But your journey into geula begins now…





There is Absolutely No Risk to You

We’ll Offer You A Full, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Register Today. Come to EVERY CALL. Participate Fully. Create Your Purpose-Based Vision. IF this program does not transform your consciousness and significantly uplevel your life- simply let us know and we’ll offer you 100% of your investment back… for up to one full year after the program begins!

– Shifra Hendrie

Limit Time
Special Bonus Package

Light Out Of Darkness Program (Tuition: $997)

Matrix Downloads (Tuition: $199)

Becoming a Luminary (Tuition: $97)

3 Months of Immersion (Tuition: $297)

Awakening Divine Power full audio program, (Tuition: $497)

Lifetime Membership in our amazing community ($500 Value)

Value of Total Package: $2587


Here’s Just a Taste of What People are Experiencing Through Shifra’s Work:

"Finding Shifra and her teachings on the ways of ancient wisdom has been one of the greatest gifts of my life, bar none. Each time I hear her share, each time I re-listen to a class, I feel my heart open a little wider as my mind delights in a higher truth and my soul expands into deeper freedom. I find myself starving for the wisdom she shares with such open-hearted grace that oftentimes I weep at the wonder of its Truth. From deep within my heart and soul, thank you Shifra for the courage you share as you dare to be all that you are. As I watch you stand in your truth, I know that I am being given the opportunity to do the same. " — Lisa M.

"I have had a major breakthrough doing this beautiful work and I feel the effects day-by-day as it ripples out through the different levels… My soul-purpose is now clearly defined. Thank you Shifra" — Julia H.

"It is a privilege to learn from Shifra. My soul has been seeking the knowledge she teaches for a long time. Sometimes life presents challenges that move me into a dark, low vibration. Shifra’s program is enabling me to shift to a lighter, higher vibration far faster…An additional bonus is the wonderful community of like-minded people. Looking forward to continued shifting and personal growth." — Raisy G.

"This has been amazing Shifra. I am so so glad that I have been able to participate. It has had such an awesome effect on me and my life. You are the opening portal to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS – a divine treasure indeed and I feel so much deeper now in all aspects of my world. THANK YOU" -Rosemary G.

"Dearest Shifra, I am deeply grateful for this extraordinary experience you have given us through the Awakening Divine Power course. Normally the courses I take end just where I would like them to start. Not in this case!! You pushed us beyond our limitations and we kept going deeper and deeper. I no longer fear the unknown as it is now for me pure potential and a source of boundless opportunities. You gave us practical tools that have empowered us for the rest of our journey. I found in the Gate of Unity online community not only a circle of like-minded people, but an open, supportive spiritual family uniting diverse backgrounds. I am truly grateful for the profound friendships we’ve created together. Shifra you are a true beacon! May, in turn, each one of us light up the lives of those around us just like you did for us! Together we will touch millions!" –Genevieve B.

"Shifra you feel like a portal into experiencing what you are saying, not just a learning from it…There are no words for this and yet your words help me get to something so much beyond words. I have entered a portal into a space beyond it and yet here. It is soft and the English language cannot quite express this place I am in. Wow, like visiting a planet I went to as a child and could never quite bring back here on return. You are a portal, and a return Shifra. Thank you so so so much. Love to you and whatever this is." –Tara L.

"This has created a very deep catalyst for transformation within me…I feel myself finally integrating so many aspects within myself after many years without resolution. I started to feel parts of myself I felt I had lost or had no hope for…" Tara L

"Something has changed inside of me. I felt the light being poured in my being and it flowed from the top of my head to the very tip of my feet filling me with what my whole being needs to face every challenge life brings to me and enough also to share with those I love and care about …neighbors and friends and fellow countrymen and everyone on earth." Mario H.

"I feel I need to hear this over and over again. AWESOME! Thank you, Shifra, for all that you do to bring us the light, the life, and the great healing we all seek." Kathy B.

"Yesterday’s journey was so deep and profound that I am left without adequate words to express my feelings…it was necessary for me to “sit with all that had taken place” for hours, not minutes. I cried through the entire process and for several hours after. They were good, necessary, healing, joyful tears. Thank you for being you, and for all that you are doing, and for making possible the extraordinary time together yesterday. It is the beginning of something too profound for words." MaryJane M.

"This is the most powerful, profound, and wonderful webinar that I have ever enjoyed!!!" Cynthia S.

"Absolutely transformative." Alissa J.

"May you continue to bless us all through alignment with the Divine Heart." Haya W.

"WOW! I did not stop taking notes since you started…I felt like a thirsty flower given the most thirst quenching and nourishing water there is….You are a gift to all of us that are ready to go deep and help transform our unsupporting beliefs and patterns…"