Divine Matrix Global Holographic Soul Prayer/Healing

Authentic Kabbalah
Download new healing light and miracles from the Source as you unite with thousands of awakening beings on behalf of a transformed, illuminated world.

Authentic Kabbalah The Divine Blueprint for Creation

Authentic Kabbalah
Geula is Kabbalah’s word for the coming Era of Oneness, the fusion of heaven and earth. The Geula Matrix is a Field of possibility and miracles that is the light and energy of Geula seeking to be drawn down and manifested in the physical world. Join our global community today to start tapping into this new light and energy and share heart-based connections powerful support, group prayer, high vibration and fascinating conversations with fellow truth-seekers from around the globe. If you are looking to be part of a powerful, innovative spiritual community that is making a difference for ourselves, each other and the world, we welcome you!

Gate Of Unity “Geula Matrix” Community


Make authentic connections, experience powerful support and fascinating conversations with open-hearted truth-seekers from around the globe. If you are looking to be part of a global spiritual community that matters, you need look no farther.

Soul-Based Healing


Life changing information and tools from the cutting edge of consciousness to help you heal and supercharge your body and your life!

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Candid mind-expanding, heart-opening insights on awakening, Israel, prophecy, current events, war and peace PLUS deep illuminating Truths and healing mystical wisdom from the Blueprint!